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1 / 9 general view 總覽

ideas in action - landscape of intensities | 泛學科 - 變化的景觀

Year | 年份: 2015
Location | 地點: Shanghai, China | 中國,上海
Status | 狀態: completed | 建成

Type | 類型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: exhibition design | 展覽設計
Size | 規模: 1000 sqm | 1000 平米
Exhibition | 展覽: Ideas in Action _ Trans-design 2016 | 泛學科_2016上海藝術設計展
Curator | 策展: Beatrice Leanza | 畢月
Contractor | 施工: Pure Experiential Communications Agency ( | 上海芙睿文化傳播有限公司
Team | 團隊: Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Xue Yang (薛揚), Xu Mengze (徐夢澤)

// studio - ideas in action 02.jpg
2 / 9 concept: axonometry 理念:軸線法

reMIX Studio presents “Landscape of Intensities” a modular system of dematerialized steel skeletons that supports the complex programmatic and spatial requirements of the exhibition. The scheme has been generated by a matrix of relations as a container of heterogeneous artworks, a constellation of intensities. The installation is constructed as an organizing masterplan: its volumes of steel bars, metal mesh and wooden boards mediate the relationship among the exhibited pieces, fostering their visual interrelation to catalyse their creative potential.


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3 / 9 floor plan 平面圖

Such landscape is a device to organize diversity, to assemble it not through a sequence of austere partitions and generic spaces, but though a dynamic flow of bifurcations and convergences, compressions and expansions. The wireframe volumes become the support for projections, for the display of large and minute objects and site-specific installations that find their individual place in a network of correlations, in a calculated but non-sequential order.


// studio - ideas in action 04.jpg
4 / 9 prototype of the modular structure ??榛峁乖?/small>

The organic and seemingly unfinished character of the space resembles that of a construction site: the volumes emerge like buildings from the ground, generating diverse expressions that echo the various functional requirements of their content, but at the same time respond to the overall logic of the city.


// studio - ideas in action 05.jpg
5 / 9 construction process 施工進程

The result is a laboratory for unexpected experiments, a showcase of crystalline collections, a factory of innovative products and productions. Our formalization of the masterplan has been nurtured be the will of working with such diversity, a very special form of messiness… “Landscape of Intensities” is a play with the unexpected contingencies of the construction site, a game of recursive adaptations: we designed a place and let it design us in reverse.


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6 / 9 general view 總覽
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7 / 9 general view 總覽
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8 / 9 detail 細節
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9 / 9 detail 細節