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// tower 01_v3.jpg
1 / 13 night view - detail 夜景-細部

zhuhai tower | 中鐵大廈

Year | 年份: 2014
Location | 地點: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China | 中國,廣東,珠海
Status | 狀態: competition | 競賽

Type | 類型: architecture | 建筑
Program | 功能: mixed-use | 綜合體
Size | 規模: 156,500 sqm | 156,500平米
Client | 業主: zhuhai zhongtie ltd | 珠海鐵建大廈置業有限公司

Team | 團隊: Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Virginia Savoini, Zhao Wei (趙瑋), An Tairan (安太然)

// tower 02_v2.jpg
2 / 13 location 項目區位

This project is the result of a competition in collaboration with JAL and partners.
The 300m height Zhongtie Tower is located in Shizimen CBD. This future waterfront landmark is part of Hengqin island Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, facing directly Hongkong and Macao.
The tower is placed at the northwest corner of the site. A four storey podium encloses the site, taking advantage of the higher commercial value on the east side of the site, brought by the pedestrian flow from the subway and Rongzhu Rd. The ground floor is made permeable through breaking down the massing into intimate street-like scale to allow various fluxes from the city to intersect each other, converging to the very core of the building.


// tower 03.jpg
3 / 13 concept diagram 概念分析圖

A series of ramps in the podium brings people to balconies and terraces on various levels to end on the rooftop public plaza. Continuous circulation extends the surrounding streets into the interior spaces, activating pockets of program at different times of the day.


// tower 04.jpg
4 / 13 tower terraces configurations 塔樓平面露臺配置

The building volume and skin, flirting with the modern aesthetics of modernity are prevalently a response to two different inputs:
the environmental particularities of the location and the revision of the skyscraper typology.


// tower 05_v3.jpg
5 / 13 office plans 辦公區平面

The tower is formed as an aerodynamic response to the prevalent winds and the curtain wall is designed to accommodate panels of different transparencies in accordance to the solar exposure: important conditions for a site located in such a sub-tropical climate. A system of passive ventilation that responds to seasonal variations in temperature is integrated as a volumetric filter on three sides of the tower.


// tower 06.jpg
6 / 13 program distribution 功能分布

An operation that allowed the formation along the vertical axe of the hanging volumes which are mainly containing meeting rooms, intimate stanzas with a view over the landscape This particular move helped in emphasizing the tower vertical silhouette diminishing its portentous and massive visual impact given by the impressive amount of required amount of sqm. The podium on its side tries to accommodate environmental strategies such as a green roof and a rainwater collection system.


// tower 07.gif
7 / 13 podium program 裙房功能分布

Responding again to conditions that regard solar exposure and visual potentials over the mountains the sea and the city, the program is distributed with a relatively homogeneity along the vertical axe.
The building is a two blocs complex: a mix-use podium and a tower that contains offices [F1-44], apartments and hotels [F45-61]. The typical floor adopts an 8m structural grid which provides flexibility needed for multiple layout possibility.


// tower 09_v2.jpg
8 / 13 passive climatic control 自然拔風系統

The 3.5m structural setback from the fa?ade boundary allows the facade play with subtle folds generating . Also, gaps between “hanging pockets” and the main volume are openable to respond to seasonal ventilation requirements.


// tower 09.gif
9 / 13 podium circulation 裙房動線效果
// tower 10_v2.jpg
10 / 13 aerial view of the podium 裙房鳥瞰視角
// tower 11.jpg
11 / 13 night view 夜景效果
// tower 12_v2.jpg
12 / 13 view from the sea 海上視角
// tower 13.gif
13 / 13 tower facade - detail 塔樓立面-細部